Regular Care and Cleaning

5Rinse, wash with soap and water and wipe sink dry after each use. NEVER use abrasive cleaners, harsh or acidic chemicals to clean. Do not leave liquid soap or other cleaning agents to dry on the sinks surface.
To remove scratches: Gently use a light kitchen scouring pad to buff any marks or scratches into sink’s finish. NEVER use steel wool to clean or buff the sink.

Do: Run cold water when pouring boiling water into the sink to minimize thermal shock

Do: Rinse thoroughly after each use

Don’t: Cut food directly on the surface of the sink

Don’t: Set hot pots and pans on the surface of the sink

Don’t: allow food residue or metallic objects to sit on the surface of the sink, for an extended period

With minimal care and maintenance, your AVALON sink will look as beautiful as the day it was purchased for the duration of its lifetime. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions relating to sink maintenance and cleaning at : 1-877-ILUV-AVALON (1-877-458-8282).