Think It’s Time for a New Sink?

undermount_sinksHave you ever seen a baby being bathed in a sink before? We’ve either done it ourselves or we’ve watched someone else do it. No need to raise your brows because it’s probably more common than it seems. And why wouldn’t it be? The sink is the perfect pool for babies. Compared to showering them in the tub, it would be easier, safer, and at the same time save more water.

For those who are past the period of cleaning infants, you’re probably thinking, “I’m sure I’m not going to have any babies soon, I don’t need a “safer” sink.” But think about all your sink has gone through. Dirty dishes, old food and maybe some old shoes you had to wash. Basically, your sink has gone through war. It may be full of scratches, rust, watermarks, and lime scale. No wonder no one wants to the dishes. These problems don’t accumulate overnight. Improper cleaning techniques are the first culprit for the most common problems. The best way to maintain a good-looking sink is simply to rinse with soap and water after each wash. Sure there are many products out there specifically for sinks. But it’s best to avoid harsh chemicals since this may increase its susceptibility to stains and scratches with continued use.

Also, if you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, it would make sense to change your sink. We’re not saying you need to change it since everything else is new. But imagine this: You’ve replaced your counter top to granite and your cabinets freshly painted to a deeper shade of red. Practically everything else is upgraded with the exception of your old crusty sink. If that’s the situation, then we recommend considering a new one.

When you get a new sink, you will be amazed how much of a difference it makes. It will look so good that you will want to bathe a baby in it. Sinks get a lot of wear-and-tear though it may not be as obvious as other kitchen appliances. As homeowners we should put as much care into it as we do with the rest of our home to ensure the lasting beauty of the sink.